low vibration food

My ode entitled Gluten Free


Gluten Free


I wish this Reality
Was entirely Gluten free
Cos it doesn’t agree with me

It’s a waste product too
Must be real cheap
Compared to real food


And it’s in everything
Just get my appendix rumbling
Food without; as good as nothing

The food manufacturers too
Must be real happy
Putting waste in quality food


Give you a percentage of gluten
Even in a Premium loaf
Highland shortbread: Big price tags

To be sold a waste product
The food labels don’t even


Cos for all we do know
50% of said products ingredient
Could be a gluten waste product
When one has paid a full price
Nothing but a disgrace


Been told the Wetherspoon chain
Do gluten free food today
But probably frozen or micro waved
So not eating there sadly
Prefer to eat fresh for tea


Some of the shops stock
A limited range of free from
But have you seen the prices?
More expensive than premium
The food producers: what a con


So all I ask is that the greed
Within all food producers inherently
Gluten everywhere: Must be
Cos if they really did care for us
Would have used real ingredients


In their top quality loaves
Why waste: I want to know?
Food producers stooping well low
To maximize their profits
Of our health for the detriment


So I’m reading every label now
And if gluten is listed I know
Greed: Whoever produced it is low
Please don't give me any excuses
Gluten is rubbish and got to go

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