Love Relationships Overcoming

The Battle

My weapon may not be a sword
But I shall pierce any armor-even gold
Nothing can be so pure that my love cannot endure
So try me, my friend and foe!
I shall not disappoint your hope

Staring off with intimidation
Our bodies aching from trepidation
Neither willing to bend
So here we both stay and transcend,
Not wanting to give in

Finally my staff hits your sword
But the realization hits that I've lost
Quick to change and tip the odds
Your brute strength may weaken with my resolve

Mitigating the constant blows
Watching Earth light up and glow
Just a little longer is all I need
Just some more time, before I bleed

His cloaked form dazzling in moonlight
His movements fluid as grace and light
Smoothly he exerts his evil
I cannot help but regret my deceit
There will be no chance for him to retreat...

Stopping and slamming the ground with my staff
Tears running down to the grass
My eyes close to separate the pain
It's time to end this game

Screaming through the bursts of wind
Looking directly at him
A sad smile rips me inside
Hopefully...I will not die

Strangling my staff with this sorrow
As light bursts through me and wraps around his arms
I acknowledge my loss but this battle-I've won

Soul wrenching cries rip my dress
As I use the light to undress his distress
Piercing his heart with this light
Feeling the disease running dry
Watching in misery as they transfer with the line

The light around him fades
Dissolving as it decays
Dripping with oil and completely black
It seeps into my bare hands

Trembling and falling to my knees
Coughing up blood and disease
My body retching at the upheaval
Thanking God to be rid this evil

Laying upon the moisten ground
As blood drips off my brow
A heavy sigh gripping my mouth

Looking over at the man
Watching bewilderment shake his stance
My mind rebels, quick to take anger
But my heart is weary and wants salvation

He walks over,, stony and solemn
I'm sure he's wondering what I've done
If I've made a mockery of his honor

He crouches and stays quiet watching my breaths
Waiting for me to explain why I'm “dead”

“Forgive me, sir, I sinned against God.
Striking at another with my rod.
I am here to heal all asking,
even if it's not verbal inquiry,
I unshackled your soul, every sin and grim pleasure
And filled the rotted holes
So now you are free to be your own

One last thing, to describe my burden
My angry attack was due to hurt
That someone was able to wander about
With my same talents and not be shackled down”

As my body withers away
He places his weapon in my hand
But I reject the notion of a debt being had

“I need no gift
Don't mock my grandeur!
I did it for you
And I don't want percentage
Now please go and let me be
It's time to die and sleep.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So...I'm still working on this. I may edit some of the stanzas and what not and I know it's long but it's suppose to be a story...if you read it all the way through thank you so much!