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you will always be my weakness

but what are the odds of me running into you like I did? What are the odds of you hugging me and telling me it's been too long since you've seen me. what are the odds of you pressing your lips against mine? it's been months since I've seen a cigarette pressed against your lips until tonight, I asked you why you picked back up that bad habit and you told me it's because it tasted like me. you looked at me with the same eyes as the first time you had ever seen me and my heart melted in the palm of your hand just like every time you come back. you betrayed me so many times yet I stayed loyal, I loved you in the most innocent way and for some reason that made you angry, I then learnt you can't love a monster. You like to take others feelings and crush them into a fine dust and let it go with the wind because you yourself let the wind carry you to places that shouldn't be and yet I still hope that wind carries you back to me. You will always be my weakness.......

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maybe someone will read and relate. 

hope you enjoy & if you need a friend I'm just a message away! Xoxo ❤️