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Happy Birthday In Heaven Daniel



You came into my world as an expression of heart. I needed you. You needed me.


From a country and a life unfamiliar to me, yet we found our threads came of the same cloth. The Master Weaver had a plan for these two so very different individuals to be brought together. So different, yet so alike. We shared our dreams, our hopes, faith, regrets, our dinners and our posey's. Reading to each other on the riverbank. Through your story you taught me about forgiveness in a way that set me free.


You said that I made you feel a freshness inside like you never felt before. And then you smiled the biggest most beautiful smile I had ever seen. Our friendship felt like an invitation to be ourselves, and finding ourself, to be each other.


I could only trust then in the wisdom of my Lord that the purpose of our meeting was good. It was. For that reason only, can I say I loved you. You are a good human.


You loved my little dogs, my garden and said my home felt welcoming. You loved my father when you met him. He admired your intelligence. I joked and said you had superior alien intelligence! But a few years later, found that to Not be a joke.You silently held me tightly, as I sobbed over his death. I needed you and you were there.

I could love you as freely as the wind that breezes gently across fields. I felt safe. I could love you as freely as the gentle snowflakes floating in the light of the streetlamp, as we hugged farewell. You cried and said, I'll miss you Miss Valerie. I sobbed. The snowflakes melted into our tears.

Weeks that felt like only a moment, had passed. Your purpose here was done, for now. We were both fields in motion by the breath of God. You moved as quickly out of my life as you moved in. Yet from a distance you still remained.

Returning every few years. You were going to return this year, but Covid robbed us of our dinner date at your favorite restaurant. I'm going there today without you to celebrate the beauty of life that you represented.

We are forever kindred spirits, who communicated and understood each other beyond the depths of completeness. We knew each other then. And we knew each other, when?

When your departing day arrived, my love you carried with you for it is a gift eternal; without bars or chains, but with wings, to carry you on.


I miss you Daniel.

I'll miss you until, when?


October 2002

Vjochum Edited 7/21/21

In Memory of Dr. Juan Daniel Ramos Sanchez

Covid December 2020

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