I Missed You Today

For my furkids


I missed you today,

When I woke up and reached to pet you,

It was then I remembered you had went away. 

I missed you at breakfast, you weren't there to steal my food.

I tried to put on a smile for the world,

But the tears ruined my mood.

And I could only cry,

When Savannah asked where you were.

I said you went to play in the sky.

I watched TV alone, missing you in my lap,

I didn't feel like laughing on this dark and dreary afternoon,

I really wanted a nap. 

You weren't there, stealing my bed,

And there was no one to cuddle,

Your memories ran through my head.

Somehow it just doesn't seem real,

That you're really gone.

I know my heart will never fully heal.

You're part of my soul,

Your purr embedded in my heart

You were what made me whole.

And I missed you today.

But your spirit was there with me.

Guiding me so I wouldn't lose my way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for Kimiko last year

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We’ve been together for a long time...

of course, I count life in doggy years.

You’ve fed me, 

bathed me,

combed me,

you even rubbed behind my ears.


You took me to places I’d never known...

to heights I never thought I’d reach.

We hiked up in the mountains.

We walked along the beach.


Sometimes you dressed me funny,

but you know what!

I didn’t mind,

because you were always loving

always gentle

always kind.


And now it’s time to say goodbye

it’s sad

but please...do not despair.

When next you hike the mountains…

or walk the beach…

Look around!


I will be waiting there.

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