Her. A vision of loveliness I must concur,

an ordor of the finest myrrh. I can feel

her presence in the air. I call to her I only

 hear whispers. Her face is but a blur.


One of life's beautiful themes, walking,

holding hands by living streams, under

mult-colored sunbeams. Like hand and

glove a love that can only come from

above, making the perfect team. I awake

from a dream.


Her. Avision of loveliness...Where?

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Hello such a small but powerful word, it's greatly preferred, putting smiles on faces and gets the spirit stirred.


But in our hectic lives moving fast, moving slow always on the go and traveling solo. We forget about a simple Hello.


Although hello is below the super ego. To them it's absurd and becoming a ghost word.


Now have we become drones with our faces buried in cellphones, programmable clones? Yet they do make us all about ology while blinding us with technology.


So wether novice or pro, even if you have an oversized ego, it's good to bestow cause it don't bring about woe, it can make faces glow.


Plus, blessings could overflow just from a simple HELLO.


Do your life make you vent, I mean. Working your but off

And can barely pay the rent?


For yourself you don't have a cent. So you forget about

Being a gent and vent.


Well, if life presents events that's harder than cement and

You relent because you can't make a dent.


Maybe you need to represent if you feel your life has become



Even a life very well spent, there will be lament and discontent

And it's alright to vent just don't carry resentment.



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Have you ever been stuck life Chuck in the muck?


Feeling like a sitting duck always getting plucked


Can't hold on to a buck?


When you look at other people you're awestruck


When they look at you they see a schmuck. You


Start to think, bad luck is the reason my life's


Running amuck, Until you look in the mirror. It's


Not luck I just suck, then you look at your life you


Want to upchuck. Well when you are tired of saying 


Yuck and waiting on good luck. It's time to. Look up


Get off your duff and truck cause there's no such thing


As luck. There's a reason for the seasons.


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To be old don't mean out in the cold cause you have greatly slowed and can be easily controlled.


Or becoming enclosed with people trying to remold by gaining a foothold, that's an absolute No.


Because to be old is to behold, countless stories untold. So they need to be consoled and never try to remold that's just plane being an Ahole.


Yes the old needs to be bestowed for great wisdom can be foretold and it will come back tenfold.


You see The Good Lord composed the old then broke the mold and made them worth their weight in gold.


So when you are with the old, don't scold, don't explode and never try to control or be an Ahole because it will come back twofold when you grow old.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's Life.

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This is about classmates who would medicate because they had to much on their plates. They were in constant debate. With school, social and family life they couldn't equate and nobody could see they were under enormous weight, trying to please people by being great.


Now full of confusion and delusion, life they started to hate, so they would self medicate. Not knowing The Beast was lying in wait for them to open the gate and it was going for Checkmate.


They thought it would dissipate if they could regulate but kept finding more reasons to celebrate. They had opened the gate, The Beast would dictate when to medicate and they found too late, The Beast is a Super Heavy Weight.


Now devastated and stagnated, living in complete disgrace. Then along came the beautiful face of Grace.people who could relate and demonstrate how it's ego you can deflate and change your fate.


They became captivated, then dedicated, now spending their time educating. So beware, when you self medicate you'll open the gate and release a Super Heavy Weight. Through the years and countless tears, Still, so many keep making the mistake of opening the gate. CHECKMATE.

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I use to be hip thought I was the Captain of the ship well equipped.


Until I had one to many toots, one to many nips, I tripped, flipped


The script had to abandon ship.


Now ain't that a blip, when you start taking toots and nips, Once they


Get a grip it becomes a dictatorship and all you get is gypped.


So take a tip when you're trying to be hip, You'll just wind up a drip


With you're face in the dip.


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Let's touch base with a thing called Grace, Something we no longer embrace,


Instead we are trying to replace with this meaningless rat race.


Now Grace you don't have to chase, just retrace you'll find it's your birthplace.


It use to be showcased even in the workplace but now it's being replaced with disgrace.


So we must put on a bold face, replace and enlace with Grace until it becomes commonplace.


Be an ace, join the race to bring back the wonderful face of Grace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's all part of Life.

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I remember a girl from the slums who's life was really humdrum, to peer pressure she would succumb so her so called friends started calling her dumd until she became numb.


They said, she would always live in the slums, the only men that would date her would be scum and only a house full of babies would come.


They were saying those things to keep her under their thumbs. Only she didn't march to the beat of their drums because she knew she had complete control of her outcome.


The years passed and she did overcome, no longer under their thumbs nor do she live in the slums because she has a very hefty income, now they want to start calling her chum.  Now who's Dumd.



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