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Screeching Tires

Crushing of metal,

Sound of breaking glass,

Smell of hot engine oil

And the heat from burning gas.


All mental control was lost,

Head throbbing from emotional pain,

Vision clouded with remorseful tears

As anger pulsed through swollen veins


Shaking hands violently shifted gears

As dangerous speeds were angrily reached,

As hurting words echoed in ears

And treacherous corners made tires screech.


The road was slick with rain,

And the body numb with heartaches pain,

Unaware of red lights flashing,

Ears deaf to the oncoming train


Taken from this world

In the proverbial blink of an eye,

Without any justification

Or a clear reason why.


Was it all for love?

Or was it just a lie?

Was it due to emptiness and self pity?

Or an unwillingness to even try?


Was it fate or just a random event?

It’s too puzzling yet to decide,

Because for all anyone really knows,


It could have been an act

Of selfish suicide.