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Fingers yearning, burning for touch 

Cool skin warming under the heat of desiring eyes 

Melded from memories of midnight places 

And timeless glances 

Welded eyes want to give all the clues to every secret longing, yet nothing away. 

An inch spanning eternity a fragile bridge formed by the heat of breath swirling invitations of divine pleasures and intricate patterns for desires filled with aching, yet wanton abandon refrains 

The rare heady warmth and enveloping depth of hearts intertwining in some mystic soul ritual, as if it had been too long and naught but for the savouring of such tension, like the surface of clear glassy water before shattered by the shock wave of a projectile, just before chaos and expulsion ensue,

tip to tip shared breath, aching for the finite change of the slightest touch, not a hair arched forward, not a finger tip dared move, frozen in the complete confession of a love found unforced, not chosen, nor designed by day dreams. It just was as it had always been inextricably theirs yet not for this moment, this plane, or this existence, but love, never plays by the the rules.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You're all on your own from here, do love like it matters most, do chances like they'll never come again, do life like it's the most wonderful thing of all!