Three Capricorns

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In a dream he said to me
"I brought you a kidney cap"
or was it "I brought you
a kid kneecap"
or was it yet another:
"I brought you a kid knee cap".
The first: the cap on the kidneys:
or adrenaline from the adrenals.
The second might be
a baby goat with his kneecap
The third might be
kid: baby goat.. species ruled by capricorn
knee: tha part of the body ruled by capricorn
which learns with the knee to kneel to
cap: abbreviation for capricorn
3 capricorns



-saiom shriver-

(the goat is symbolic and not
animal slavery)


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Each time he goes out
to walk the dog
he becomes dog
but barks like man

no one trusts him
his smile is fake
Iā€™m used to his ways:

he stretches his legs
and moves away
counting the holes
stars leave each night

today I tiptoed
up to the kennel
he was on his knees
peeking into
his own clasped hands


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