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The Mothers of Invention

assured us fully

that it can’t happen here

but I’m always a skeptic


It most certainly can happen here

It will happen here
It did happen here


And while foolish men

fixed their eyes to the Left

marauders invaded from the Right


False warriors co-opting

songs of Revolution and truth

hiding behind the rantings

of a false prophet


bloodlust exposed; desperation revealed

treachery in the guise of virtue
patriotism drafted by the scoundrel

in a last desperate gasp


It can happen here

because evil and delusion still lurk

in the hearts and minds

of both naïve and evil people.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Included in Moonstone Arts Center anthology It Can't Happen Here which premiered yesterday.


It Can't Happen Here | Moonstone Arts Center (square.site)