Forest I








Forest I



Sleeping while awake

A log must notice mushrooms

Feeding off of him

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A "haiku" that emerged from this unholy time of day (wee hours) which must be a direct result of an experience or, maybe, just another well-constructed, affected poem to depict or evoke something that is yet to be discovered or untangled (all according to time).  It could be a philosophically directed theme since it is using vague references (my unusual metaphors) despite the use of ordinary language.

On Simplistic Garbage Cans

So there are garbage cans
For your garbage can lids
To place your household refuse
And olden wasteful deeds!

Forgetting that they are
Reservoirs for uselessness,
Without one member,
It's incomplete, sure is!

Because even if they're plastic,
The instrument, tho' exploitative,
Will forever be full--replicative--
For even the very narcissistic!