#imstillcool #rainforest #protestors




Protestors marching

past the train station

shouting slogans

and chanting 

to save the rainforests


my fat ass

sitting comfortably

on a metal chair observing them


beer in a plastic cup

at my beck and call


but I’m wearing

a Mad gringo shirt

and a multi coloured cap


the non-Caucasian folk

on the other side

of the flower pots

listen to rap music

that I bob my head to


I’m still cool,

I tell myself

I’m still cool


I did do something

none of the protestors did:

I picked up a piece of litter

they all marched past


They were oblivious

to the trash on the ground

right below their own feet.


I took a sip on my beer

then the muse

advises me:


write a poem about it.

Convince yourself

that you’re still cool

and haven’t lost a step 

in your old age.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a late afternoon beer at the outdoor pub at 30th Street after a grueling day of work.

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