Have you ever wished flowers could talk as you pass by them throughout the day?

Have you ever wondered what they were thinking…what it is that they might say?


How wonderful would it be if the moment you drew near

a flower had the ability to whisper in your ear.


Would what they say be filled with important knowledge?

Would their advice be enlightening…and wise?

Or would they be happy just to bid good day…to you 

to the bees and the butterflies?


We paused on our walk this morning as we were surprised to find.

on a bench…a bouquet of flowers…someone obviously had left behind.


We would love to know their story…

Why they were left on this bench by the side of the road…

Were they purchased by a man for a woman…but the woman never showed?


Were these flowers intended to make someone happy

or to cheer up someone who cried?

Were they meant to celebrate a birth?

or for the the memory of someone who died?


What was the story of these flowers?

If only they could whisper in our ear…

and give us at least a clue

as to why they were abandoned here.


Alas, we did not hear a whisper

which means, perhaps, we’ll never find…

what happened on this bench last night

and why these flowers were left behind.

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