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Inside My Head

I was just sitting around

Thoughts in the air

When the scarf on the ground

Transformed into a bear

I couldn’t believe my eyes

As it growled, its mouth with froth

And when I began to rise

It melted back into a piece of cloth

I heard the phone sound its tone

I saw the screen was lit

I even saw the id said “unknown”

So I told my bro to answer it

But then it stopped ringing, I thought ‘another call missed’

Until he said I had a messed up head

And a look at the recent calls list

Didn’t support what I saw or said

We were in the car, mother and I

When I said “look out for the man in white!”

She looked at me with a sigh

Said “don’t joke like that, especially at night!”

Lying in my bed at night

Not sleeping (but I tried)

I saw flashes of light

Coming from outside

Every week, I have new cuts and scrapes

On my arms, from who knows what or where

Behind the curtains, I see their shapes

With sounds of footsteps in the air

I’ve been getting calls from blocked numbers

When I answer, no one speaks

Just breathing, and it’s quite a bother

Because they’ve been calling for weeks

At night, I argue with that other voice

And my head feels like it’s on fire

More voice come, and they’re not very nice

And one keeps calling me a liar

A few weeks back, there was this one day

Where these voices were unheard, these things unseen

Where I didn’t think or seem crazy

But then I woke up from that amazing dream

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Something's happening......

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