i dont know anything


There’s one thing in life I’ve always wanted

But it’s something money can’t buy

My biggest fear is that I’ll walk around haunted

That I’ll never be happy, as much as I try

Happiness is something I wish to achieve

A common goal that everyone needs

So far, I’ve hung tight and come to believe

One day I’ll find it, through one of my deeds

Honestly, I would rather be happy and poor

Than filthy rich and sad, I wish finding it

Was as easy as walking through a door

Because for a while now I’ve felt like shit

Happiness will also help me find myself

Because I’ll only be happy being who I am

The elders who try to sculpt me into someone else

Should realize it’s my life, not theirs, I won’t be damned

Living out their hopes and dreams through me

While mine are shut tight and locked away

Because I have the key and I’ve set them free

I won’t stop until I’m happy one day

Look at yourself and ask the question

Are you making yourself happy or someone else?

Do your heart and soul feel a connection?

And if you are happy yourself

Can you please tell me how?

I’m ever going to survive life

If nothing is straight right now

How long will I go through this strife?

Until I don’t want to slit my wrists

Until I don’t want to take twelve pills

Until I stop pounding the walls with my fists

Until I step off the high window sills

Every day I tell myself I can make it through

But by the night, the feelings are still there

I cry and just wish I only knew

That one day, I’ll be happy, these feelings in thin air

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