We were celebrating our granddaughters birthday

with games and cake and cheer

when she tapped me on the shoulder and asked,

PopPop, how old are you this year?


When you’re young age seems important

as you celebrate birthdays and the such…

But as you get a little older…age doesn’t matter quite so much.


“How old am I?” I repeated. “Well I suppose that all depends…

How many children do I have?

How many grandchildren?

How many friends?”


“How many people have I hugged? 

How many people have I kissed?

How many people have I lost?

How many people will I miss?”


“How many walks have I taken in the moonlight?

How many clouds have I dreamed upon?

How many rainbows have I marveled at?

How many sunsets?

How many dawns?”


“How many books have I ever read?

How many sights have I ever seen?

How many trees have I climbed to the top of?

How many places have I been?”


I looked up to see my granddaughter was gone.

She was with her friends…they were sining a song.

apparently the answer to how old I am…

was taking me too long.


My eyes met hers and we smiled at each other

How old am I? I thought. That’s difficult to gauge…

but as that moment I was more than happy


to add one more smile to my age.

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