Honeymoon prayer

Single Woman's Prayer





By Chuck McGlawn/Chuckest@aol.com




Now I lay me down to sleep.


I want a man, please not a creep


Send me just one, perhaps like dad


Not like the ones that I've had




 One good man who's sweet as pie.


Who comes home at night and doesn't lie.


Who dresses neat and combs his hair


Who when I'm in need he'll be right there




Until I meet this Mr. Right


I'll be alone in bed each night.     


My simple prayer will always be


That I'll wake with him next to me




But if I should die before I wake,


There won't be a wedding cake


Nor wedding vows or honeymoon.


No anniversary every June.




The single life is kinda nice


If I get married I'll pay the price


I'll wind up with a brain-dead troll


Who'll always hold the remote control




This single life works for me


I can be who I want to be


I won't need to fix my hair.


So never mind this stupid prayer.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was inspired by the title that I read somewhere else, but the poem is all mine. I like surprise endings this one gives you that

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