#Hell # Hate # Infernal

Bride of the Fire

Hell awaits

for you it might be too late


Upon the fires you will



Tormented in your mind

by all the souls you wronged


Forced to relive the moments

of death and over again 


You will become one with

the flames in matrimony 


Married to your damnation,

kissing the bride of the fire


Upon it's funeral you attend

the cremation of your own soul


Watching yourself burn

forever and ever


No coffin

no tombstone 


No point in mourning

your black heart 


I watch you burn with 

much delight 


Vengeance brings me happiness 


Your soul being lost to the abyss

is a recompense 


For all those you robbed 


It is a divine punishment 

fit for a wicked person


Fire is your wife;

there is no divorce from hell


It is forever 


I am your adversary 


An enemy you hate


Resisting your rape 



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