# Hell


Evil demonic people

suffocate the atmosphere 


A godless fallen country 

they bring Destruction


They annoy the soul 

doing their iniquity


it should be legal to

kill every witch and deprive them of their power 


Wrath is justified

but evil hides behind the law



hell of oppression 


Forced to tolerate

the abominable


i just want hell to be unleashed 

and watch them all burn get burned by sulfur


The wicked need to pay

i want to watch them bleed 



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Freeze in Hell

As we freeze in hell,

together in this plight


Desperately trying to

Start the fire


To  no avail,

Put out by the wind


The sun will not appear 

For a long time 


The earth covered in darkness,

Filled with hungry souls 


Starving for the meat,

Thirsting for the blood,


Bodies buried under ice,

Sealed in frost 


A plague unleashed,

Hounded by misfortune 


Dogs cannot dig up the dead,

Fighting amongst themselves 


Robbed of any joy,

Damned to desolation

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Beg like a Bitch

Your gonna burn

your gonna melt

your gonna bleed

your gonna weep


In hell no one can 

protect you,

all the wrath unleashed


Too late to save your soul,

no longer prolonging the inevitable 


So is sealed your fate,

your name blotted out in ink 


An eternity of time 

to think as you beg for forgiveness 


On your knees like a dog you beg 

and beg beg 


But your screams are muffled out by 

all the others


Lost souls that reside with you in the pit,


No one can you hear you 

in hell


Your just another bitch 

deep in a ditch 



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