The Imperfection


Nothing is beautiful than love

Admiring everything around you is the product of love

For what we live for is all love

That curve making our cheeks glow is because of love

You love a person so much

But will it last forever?

From morning’s coffee till the late night dinner

You want to make him/her as a part of your life

You dare to care to make love perfect

But what is perfect love?

You become part of him

Or you become part of her

Have you ever thought will he or she degrade that part of yours?

It’s better not to give it

That’s imperfection

Being an integral part of someone’s life is common

You want to expect more and more

Committing yourself in the never ending sea of love

That precious smile will never want to leave your face

You become her phone’s wallpaper 

And so do you

Then jealousy will slowly eat your love

Jealousy will be starting point

Small arguments turn into big fights

The poor “love” gets suppressed in between

Slowly love gets choked and fades away

Stress, anger and hatred adjusts in between after love gets demised

Parting ways will seem perfect option to bid goodbye to love

Ways can be different

But the emotions still remains intact

At the end, love doesn’t find its peace


Love is special!

If you find love, don’t look for perfection

Just flow in the river of love

Many big rocks come in the way of flowing river

However, it finds a way to flow

Be like a river, grab your love and be ready to flow

Don’t try and be a perfectionist

And make journey of love perfect

Never conquer love, just admire it

Admiring everything around you is the product of love

Nothing is beautiful that love

Be an “Imperfectionist”

Stick to love and let yourself dive into the sea of love

Everything shall be perfect and magical


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Guys my first ever poem

Its all basic... Thank you!!!

Please do comment ..i need to know feedbacks


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Being good
couldn’t make me know
any better

I was harmless
they sold my name
and became
what I couldn’t

in the middle of daylight
I vanished like names
from voters’ list

with no difference
to who wins
or who loses

–R.K. Singh

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