As the United States celebrates another birthday…it’s hard to be delighted

because although it’s true we are one country…we are anything but united.


In fact as one year ends and another begins…at this crossroad…at this junction

it seems the American family we created is a family in dysfunction.


If this is a moment in history we are meant to weather

perhaps we need to harken back to the first time we learned to live and play together.


Perhaps it’s time to remember those long forgotten rules.

The ones we learned in our Kindergartens…and our Elementary schools.


Where we first learned to accept one another…where we first learned to care,

to lend a helping hand, to love each other…where we first learned to share. 


Where we learned to be nice to one another…not to bully or ever hurt anyone 

to say we’re sorry when we needed to…and to have a little fun.


Where we learned to take a nap when we are tired…to take our time…try not to rush

that we do not take things that are not ours…and never forget to flush.


Where we first learned to play fair…to never cause another person shame…

to wash our hands, to wipe our noses and to treat everyone the same.


I know these all seem too simple…as our country teeters on the brink…

but what if the solutions to our problems are less complicated than we think.


What if the answers were in front of us all the time…what if we control our fate…

whether or not we remain divided…or become united states…


At any rate it couldn’t hurt to start…following those old classroom rules

the ones that once united us…

back in our Kindergartens…

and our Elementary schools.

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