The other day I was taken aback by something a young girl in the bookstore said…

It made me lose my perspective as my expectations ran away with my head.


This can happen when I least expect it and I usually get burned

which immediately brings me back to reality…and allows my humility to return.


She stared at me…I smiled…she said, “Excuse me but you look like….

and here is where my curiosity took over…as my expectations spiked…


I bet she’s going to say Sean Connery…and how would I respond

if she thinks I bear a resemblance to the best of all the Bonds?


If not the inimitable James Bond…perhaps she thinks I am a clone

of the older, strong and adventurous...father of Indiana Jones!


By this time in my own head my sensibilities were blurred…

I mean…I don’t even like martinis…not shaken…not even stirred.


Still to be mistaken for James Bond…now that would be a feat

that would make my day at work…totally complete.


Back to the girl standing in front of me…once my face she finished appraising…

“You look just like…my Grandpa.” She said, “the resemblance is amazing.”


I smiled as my ego plopped back to Earth…but I realized instantly…

that looking like her Grandpa was good enough for me.


Because she made the remark so innocently…with such elegance and grace… 

and the mere mention of her Grandpa brought a smile to her face.


Expectations are a funny thing, however

for as she left the store this thought upon me dawned…

I wonder if her Grandpa was ever mistaken for James Bond?

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