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The Development of Gold Mining Industry

There is no metal can continuously get involved human’s economic lives and has a significant impact on the society expect gold. The dazzling luster and incomparable physical and chemical properties of the gold have magical charm. Although the social statue of gold experienced vicissitudes and ups and downs in human’s civilized history, it has still remained divine halo in the whole world. The gold ore is a mineral aggregate that embodies ample gold, which can be also utilized as industrial purpose. Besides, the gold ore is a place that acquires gold by mining. Gold mining is the process of mining gold from the stratum that is rich in gold. There are various technologies can be utilized to mine out gold, and the most primitive method is gold washing. The cyanide process is often utilized to refine gold in industry, but now a new method of gold extraction is developing because the prussiate is deleterious. People began to mine gold thousand years ago.       

There are many factors influencing the price of gold, including international politics, economic, foreign exchange market, the interest rate and monetary policy in main European and American countries, ect.. And the factors that influenced the gold’s price are increasing day by day, which can be divided into the following aspects, namely the interactive relationship between the price and important international stock market, the interactive relationship between the price and its supply and demand, the interactive relationship between the price and American dollar, and the linkage relationship between the price and international commercial market. According to the structure and gold content in the gold ores, the gold ore can be divided into three categories: gold mineral, the mineral with gold, and the mineral-bearing gold. So far there have been 98 kinds of gold mineral, only 47 are common and 10 kinds of mineral can be utilized directly. Pure natural gold is not common and there is certain Ag in it, which will form the mineral of Au-Ag series. There are different views on the knowledge of Au-Ag mineral. The natural gold can be produced out in all kinds of gold ores, which is the main economic mineral in the most mineral deposits. Although gold and silver mines are common in some mineral deposits, generally its content tends to be very small.    

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