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Fear Factory

Welcome to the

Fear factory


A world where evil

is allowed to run amok


Innocent blood is shed

for an agenda 


And the powers at be don't

bat an eye


These warmongers and vampires

celebrate death 


Because they are dead,

loving what they are 


Feeding off fear,

manifacturing lies 


Being a thorn to my 



Plotting destruction and 

evil 24 hours a day 


They who never sleep

they devoid of peace 







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40 Years in the Desert

Paradise is lost;

angels guard the way


Cut off and

cast out into the desert


For years wondering

around searching for answers



hopiing for forgiveness


No oasis just a vast



No shade to shield you

from the burning sun


The mouth grows dry,

a thirst that is unquenchable


Nothing suitable to eat

but the prickly cactus


Only pain here,

only death


Nothing to take for granted,

a constant confusion


This is the price you pay

for failure





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to lie

and promote




to die





Worship gods;

Created to serve


Repugnance of light,

opposition to life


Testtube life form;

injection into uterus


Production of the clone

born to be evil


Live and return

to death


For you never lived


No light was in



Your existence was

a lie


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The Blood of Jesus Will Save You From Death

Get saved 

before its too late


Jesus the son of



died for you


Shed his blood


You can escape

the condemnation


If you wish


Or you can be damned if you desire


The choice is yours


Heaven or Hell?



or Antichrist?



or lies?



or darkness?


You are free to choose

your destiny


live or die





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Spiritual Pollution

My spirit is injured

by the lies


By the constant



Hounded by dogs

who know nothing but hunger


Their souls devoid

of the satiation of the spirit


Their malignancy knows no bounds,

their hearts black as coal,




infected with the virus


I am harassed

by the pollution they put out,


I can smell their stench

from a mile away


I feel it in the air,

the darkness,


The grey clouds in the sky,

an evil world,

full of pollution



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Twice Dead

Blinded by the false light of Lucifer

given over to a reprobate mind


Unborn again,

the second death


Sodomy has opened the gates of hell

and spirits have possessed you


A soul that is forever in 

bondage to a lie


Abominations have become

your virtues 


lusting after 

strange flesh


the ritual is 




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Deliver Us From Evil

O‘ God

please help me to escape 

this life


I am tormented day and



Please help to calm my mind,

get rid of these thoughts of suicide


Strengthen my will 

help me to defeat evil 


Protect me O lord from bad things

and people 


O lord shield me with your light,


I love you with all my soul heart and mind 

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War of Attrition

Belial you cannot 



This is a war of 



I will reclaim souls for 

the lord my god


I will speak the truth 

of Jesus Christ 


Many hardened hearts will not listen


you love to toy with such fools


Blinding them with false knowledge 

and false light 


Arrogance of



Woe unto 



But my heart is with god 

and I know what is right


I pray for the return of our king

Jesus Christ


Son of man

to put you in your place once and for all



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I hate Trannies (Abominations to the Lord)

I hate transgenders

and abominations


I hate people who reject

the message of god


And enjoy doing



I hate people that enjoy



I hate people that enjoy

witchcraft and spell casting


I hate demons,

I hate demonic people


I hate the occult,

I hate abominations,


I am a hateful Christian,


I hate what god hates



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