“Ginsberg’s a cocksucker.” He said

                hearing phantom voices

        calling him over

   the bizarre twist of Frank Zappa


better to read Blake or Stevens

                       one might suggest

               rewinding a tape

                 ready to go drinking

          forget about

               the Art Museum

and Duchamp and Miro and Klee


         It’s probably all

        for the best

             or so he tells you

expecting you to jump for joy

                when you feel

          like expectorating madness

       and defecating

                   freely without

           muses hassling you for not

taking pen and notebook to the john


       yeah, it’s a weird

              fate, everyone knows

It can go on and on without ever ending

            but the tears

               you suppress

                   are healthy expression

        bound to come out someday

                  like it or not



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