#George Floyd #Colin Kaepernick

"He Took a Knee, Peacefully (For Less Than 8:46)"

by Jeph Johnson 


He took a knee peacefully

So we banned him from the sport

We loved to watch him play for us

For a cause we'd not support


He took a knee peacefully

But we kept on killing more

Brutality and bullying 

Too much to ignore


He took a knee peacefully

So we placed ours on his neck

The duration of three anthems,

No "Honor or Respect"


He took a knee peacefully

So we wedged ours in his neck

Is this how our society

Right now "Serves and Protects"?


He simply sought to peacefully kneel

To draw attention to our wrongs

How does smug audacity feel

Ignoring every protest song?


Now we know the tenacity's real

And progress an illusion we were undertaking

It was just the privilege's misguided ideal...

Our knees should indeed be shaking

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