Paparazzi of Evil

Silent Genocide

coerced suicide


Torture 24/7,

a life of depression 


mobs of evil

never stop


If you aren't a devil worshiper

then they think you deserve death 


Psychotic men in black suits

cold blooded murders 


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Psychological Torture

Mental breakdowns

from relentless psychological torture


Everyday is hell


The only people that empathize with the situation are those 

who have also been assassinated


Silent Holocaust goes on


Traumatized for life 



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White Cars

Terrorized by white



White is the color

of terror


They all look alike 

terrorizing my subconscious 


Frying me and 

killing me


Driving me over the edge

playing their games





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and tormented


Everyday is hell;

they won't leave you alone


Panic and fear drown



They won't repent

and stop bothering you: they are evil


Always molesting your soul

trying to invoke a reaction


Molested by their games,

drugged by their experimentation



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please pray for me I am being gang stalked and harassed every day

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Gang Stalking

Where are you oh



I cry out to you in pain;

satan won't leave me alone


They are relentless,

always trying to manipulate

and control my fear


Fear is what they want,

always they are trying intimidate


Never will they release me,

always running the psychop


Fucking with my brain

trying to drive me insane


Devils that haunt me,

I just want them to go away


Demons leave me alone;

Jesus rescue me from Satan






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Grim Reaper

They ruined my life

they drove me insane 


Merciless, amoral



Grim reaper come

take them away


Deserving of death

numbered by their sins


Grim reaper

spare me the pain 


Take my murderers

to hell


Let my soul rest from

their vile schemes


Put them in the pit 

make them feel the torture I feel


I am dying everyday,

why should they escape?


One one of their deaths is not enough

i demand all pay!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope they die 

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Energy Weapons

Conspiracy to murder

they are trying to kill us



microwaved popcorn 


Trying to fry us,

cook us, slowly


Death that is slow,

torture of the soul 



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I destroy them 



Extinguishing their lives

my revenge complete 


Their wicked blood 

drains from their bodies


In hell with them 

I continue to avenge my soul 


No laws in hell

i deprive them of all air suffocating them 


Justice done

filth is rid from the earth 


They are punished for their 



Finally I can rest in the abyss

falling without end 


When you kill 

you cannot repent of the blood you shed


Your life has 


Revenge comes at

a price 




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Kill all Gang Stalkers

A tormented mind

evil never sleeps



and tortured by demons


Hated by the wicked,

i am tired of their existence 


If I only I could avenge what 

they have done to me


Restrained violence ,

I just want to kill them all 


Put an end to their evil 

send them to the abyss 


Curb stop the ungodly

annihilate the wicked 


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