#Feelings #love

Ocean eyes

Ocean reflections of dull grey canvas..

Real or fake painted strokes and harsh dabs..

But today void of much colour yet layers of shade to fumble..

We take for granted the depth and dare to call ourselves humble..

Each shade of grey telling a new story..

Each blurs as their horison meet..

Each salted tear as she says not to worry..

The smile you see when she already admit defeat..

Ignorance, our selfish bliss..

The pain in her eyes you all seem to miss..

But there is a light there too..

Something more than you knew..

Look a little closer.. fall a little deeper..

It takes courage to allow yourself to be weaker..

Or maybe im confused, maybe im wrong..

But the cloud in her eyes is enough to sing my song..

Read this and read my heart, and maybe youll know..

The love i have for her.. unable to show..

My unstable eyes and swirling storms..

I hope your ocean eyes can see through..

Falling apart.. building up only to be torn..

But ill fall apart athousand times.. if only for you

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