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Real Women

A real woman,

not a trannified bimbo


A real woman,

not a blow up sex doll,


A real woman,

with real curves,


A real woman,

with an hourglass shape


A real woman,

with a feminine face,


A real woman,

not straight up and down,


A real woman,

not an illusion


A real woman,

not an abomination

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Its funny how you decide never to expect anything from anyone.. after all the shit you’ve been through.. through the tough life.. failed marriage... scattered life... a self satisfied woman, with 10.000 homes, yet with no home... a very positive, happy, successful and attractive woman... a woman that’s happy with what she has... a woman who hopes for more.. a woman who had her share of falls, tears and failure... a woman that dreams.. and when she dreams, she dreams big... 

how can you dream big and expect nothing? 


No expectations she decided.. no expectations.. no losses.. no hope! No hope for a better life... struggling to keep that smile on the face... struggling tear, prisoner of the eye... no expectations.. no disappointments. Or so they say... 


No expectations she decided.. yet she still longs for a face at the door.. at the middle of the night... indulging in her thoughts, a nice gesture.. time... attention... a loving touch.. attraction... love... then nothing... she remembers the vow.. no expectations... 


A woman who needs as much space as she gives.. a woman with her flaws.. with her falls... a woman who’s terrified.. scared to be with.. or without... a woman full of sadness.. and despair.. yet full of happiness and laughter.. a Gemini! beautiful people yet so evil and cruel... not to others.. to themselves... a woman who would give everything for family .. a friend.. and more than everything for love... a woman who gives nothing or just gives it ALL... a woman with stamina.. a woman that’s so weak! And she hates to be weak.. she hates to be demanding... and all she demands is time! A woman at the bottom of a priority list... a woman who doesn’t care where she lies in anyone’s life.. yet is so desperate to top a list! All she needs is the unconditional love she gives... but no expectations...


and then .. again.. you fall back into the loop... the loop of expectations.. the loop of what I get and what I deserve... I want more.. the loop of my thoughts! Strangest thoughts yet most intelligent ! By a woman, a question asked.. to the audience, on a sinking boat is ME and “B”.. who would you save if you can save only one?.. the audience hesitated... and she knew she was to drown... then the audience asked the woman who would she save... she said she will go on the boat, and give them both the boat.. and the one who loves her enough to stay with her on that boat is the one who deserves to be saved... the audience was in shock.. she cried... she cried because she had no expectations... she knew she’s to drown.. alone... 


Full of confusion... she lays in her comfort zone... dazzled with music.. her only remedy.. her only way out... her only hope.. shes not an angel, nor the devil... shes just a woman.. a woman who strives for belonging... but she doesn’t belong.. she is a person.. a soul.. a heart.. a mother.. a lover.. she is a woman with SO many expectations yet NO expectations at all..

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