A star was feeling a little sad and lonely from his perch up in the sky

when a cloud with same problem was about to pass him by.


“Oh cloud you are so beautiful!” The star said.

“You have size and depth and height.

You fill the sky with your presence 

while I am but a tiny spot of light.”


“But your light is permanent.” The cloud said.

“You shine from setting sun till dawn.

people see me only for a moment 

for a moment…then I’m gone.”


“But I am but one color.” The star said.

“You reflect all the colors of the sun.”

The cloud smiled, “But under you on a quiet night

how many a heart’s been won?”


But you can carry rain.” The star said.

“You help plants grow tall and strong.”

But you, my friend, are the subject of poetry

of hopes and dreams…and song.”


They went on like this until the cloud passed by

and their conversation came to its inevitable end

both a lot happier than when they were but a moment ago

both having found a friend…


Both feeling a little better about themselves

as they took a moment to say goodbye…

The cloud as he rode upon the wind

and the star as he twinkled in the sky.

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