Change The World In 5 Hours, Bless The Beasts, Slaughterhouse Cruelty And Filth And Other Poems

A Fellow Creature




Henry went to hospital
Twas Bethesda Naval
and took a picture of an ape
in a restraining chair.
And took it to an international
picture wire
called Black Star
which sent it round the world..
and Gandhi saw and knew
that violated was the treaty
.. and she cancelled monkey export
.. because Henry in 5 hours
.. cared to reach for
.. one bright and reachable... star!


"A citizen may make an arrest
if she witnesses a felony
being committed", said Rockford.
"Quick!! Hurry!! Arrest him! "
He's swallowing
the evidence of his murder..
.. said Momma Cow
and Poppa Sow
as their piglets and
were swallowed
by the farmer.


The freezing winter winds rip
through down from mountain
passes through the open slats of
the slaughterhouse trucks
on Route 80..
.. the sick are on the truck
floor, called downers.
The frightened low
and low.

In the summer time, their
tongues hang out from thirst
.. some of them suffocating
in the fetid air.


In Poland they slaughtered sows.
In Argentina they killed cows.
In Mexico they beat up donkeys.
In Zaire they caged up monkeys.
In Galapagos upended tortoise.
In Japan they knifed the porpoise.
In Utah trapped mated raccoons.
In Congo caged baby baboons.
Norway & Iceland hunted whales.
In Ohio they crushed chick males.
In England the princes hunted fox.
At church gatherings they roasted ox.
In Maine boiled lobsters alive.
They advertised flesh on Channel 5.
Maryland taxes suffocated crabs.
Boston queen of cruel labs
In Korea they ate the dogs..
while in France they de-legged frogs
Iowa and Manitoba
North Carolina and Minnesota
all have tortured hogs.
In Littleton Colorado they poisoned
prairie dogs.
In Germany they choked
the geese.
In New Zealand
froze sheep unfleeced.
In Canada they clubbed the seals.
In Ireland they killed the eels.
In China for spare parts they farmed bears.
In Michigan for pleasure they killed bears.
In Saskatchewan they made Mad Elk & Deer
by feeding to the living the parts of dead deer
Near the feedlots of Amarillo
They try to hit the armadillo.
In Wisconsin they separate cow mothers
from their daughters, from their brothers.
In College Park for Frank Perdue
UM taught skinning rabbits.
In Virginia from stolen skin
they made their riding habits.
In Rehovot they featherless chicks bred
In Jerusalem at checkpoints they shot
dogs and donkeys dead.
In Egypt they ate
old faithful slave camels.
In Mecca they slaughtered
countless millions of mammals.
In Florida boats defin manatee.
In W. Virginia groundhogs
poisoned on the golfing tee.
50,000 mice and dogs
drowned at U of T.
In Cuba cut off eyes of shrimp
At Cornell they shocked the chimp.
In Australia clubbed kangaroo..
Hippo choked on tennis ball
at the Detroit Zoo.
At the stampede in Calgary
they create for calves a Calvary.
Kentucky horses die in barn fires.
Kentucky horses break legs in the mire.
Water skiers marauded nests of powerless
floating loons.
Careless walkers smashed the nests
of terns in grassbraid dunes.
Bull fights they waged in Madrid Spain..
a most public brutal kind of pain..
Chanel for civet harmed the cat
but who torchtortured more than rat?
Ermine tongues to greased
traps in Siberia froze.
In Italy calves made veal..
.. especially loved.. flesh of rose.
Oregon cuts 1000 year old trees
while smashing their squirrels birds and bees.
Many hate her.. but none
the gentle little cockroach.

Said one "I think they're coming
to feed us!"
"No by God! they're coming to eat us!"

Everywhere they're dismembered subdivided
drawn and quartered crucified.
This hell will end... heart by heart..
as each soul wills to do its part.


We have nothing to offer
you.. say the cows of
their gravy.. but our
blood, sweat, and tears.

How is it that their
are crystalline and clear
when they are made of
crimson blood and torn
from their broken hearts?

How is it that such tiny
orbs.. can contain
a globe of suffering?


This perfume
numbered five
.. since so many
animals.. lost their

Ambergris from the
sperm whale
Castor from the Canadian
Civet from the civet
cat rotated in a drum
to make her afraid and
and 36 musk oxen
castrated.. for 1 ounce
of musk
.. should it have been
called Perfume No. 41

(Thank you to Andrew Linzey
for including this poem
in his anthology)


Little puppy of Angel Bear
chasing a butterfly brightwinged
His hat: floating dandelion fluff
spilling away as he canters
through the green rough
.. Little bear puppy
head cocked to concentrate
on the silent music he hears.


Mohammed was monogamous
Gandhi was nonzoophagous
Maybe a rhinoceros
and a hippopotamus
are polygamous
Maybe a lion
and a tiger
are carnivorous
but human beings
are designed
to be frugivorous
and monogamous.



Many times the hunter's
gun had suddenly
with its white fire
aborted the lives
of squirrels and groundhogs,
deer and bears.

The path out.. from
the gun .. was the return
path taken by
the forked electricity.

When news came that
he had died of lightning
some thought it
was his metal rifle:
a lightning rod

Others thought the
a Divine white fire:
the moving
finger of God


St. Anthony found
when humans didn't listen
that by the seashore
fishes ever listened
They did not need him
them to christen
since they're immersed
in lovewaters' baptism..
and swim in joy..
neath lighted seas' glisten



Some suffocate them in plastic bags.
Other use little Purina mouse sized
guillotines, advertised in the
magazine Lab Animal.
Still others break their necks.
The sadistic feed them to snakes.
Those in denial delegate the task.
Some mice are needled to death.
Some are given poison.
Some die with their tiny fingers
caught in mouse traps.
Some die in agony after having
cancer or caustic chemicals
introduced into their bodies
.. or in forced sleeplessness
or forced swimming experiments
.. or having had their limbs
cut off.
All the little ones.. go straight to GOD

http://www.neavs.org http://www.navs.org http://www.aavs.org
http://www.animalsagenda.org http://www.friendsofanimals.org
http://www.peta.org http://www.collegeactivist.com
http://groups.msn.com/ar9 http://www.egroups.com/messages/veganway


2 years ago the moving
finger of God manifested
as a tornado..
and ripped the roofs
off the factory farms
in Croton Ohio.. revealing
to the world the misery
of the birds..
6 to a cage.. some still
alive after 9 days without
food and water..
debeaked so they would not
peck each other to death
from the overcrowding

This month the Finger
went through Van Wert
settling its force
near Cooper's Turkey

In the November holiday
of Thanksgiving
.. she promised
to give the turkeys
something for which to
be grateful..

no longer to eat their
no longer to wish on
their bones..
when their wishes
could not be fulfilled.


They can't read
save the sounds
of his soul
They can't write
except on his heart


In the high barren
winter trees..
along the river's bank
.. they wait..
empty heron's nests
.. soon will come
the Flock of Spirit
to make of the
waiting hearts
a home


Every pork loin
is from an innocent
Every pork chop
from a piggie chopped


Elephants are the symbol
of the GOP
... of those
big game hunters
who kill oxen for musk
of those Safari Club
who shoot and saw off
the tusk
.. as easily as
if removing
ears of corns husks..

(Matthew Scully Bush speechwriter
doesn't seem to worry about the
animals bombed by B 52's,
or shot at Sharon checkpoints
.. )


Ask not what's for dinner
but whom

Father Mother God, we do not know
the name You gave this animal lying
dead before us.. or where she played
.. or whom she loved.. or what
were her favorite times..
or how she was gotten on the truck..
bound for slaughter.. by rope..
by kicks by shocking rod
.. We only ask for Your infinite
blessings for her.. that You erase
from her memory the cruelty she has
received at the hand of human-kind
..as You now erase every slaughterhouse
and fishing net and pharmaceutical or other
animal lab and trap from the earth

http://www.hogwatch.org (to Henry Spira of Manhattan.. maritime worker organizer, public school teacher, effective animal rights worker whose mentor Peter Singer wrote a biography of him.) (Henry has left for God) a restraining chair holds primates captive for months at a time. They sleep and evacuate tied to the chairs .. in astronaut studies. Dr Donald Barnes resigned rather than irradiate primates at Barnes Air Force Base. Matthew Broderick filmed Project X, a movie about Don Barnes' refusal


As of July 27, 2020, 17 slaughterhouses which murder millions of cows and pigs yearly, as well as billions of chickens,

were shut down in the US. Those shut down included China owned Smithfield, Brazil owned JBS, and American owned Tyson's.  They were later in the week opened by anexecutive order .


There has been discusion about the number of employees said to have coonavirus, but no discussion about how the cadavers

are contaminated. The government and media are censoring questions. It is possible that contact with the animals caused the virus.  The terrorized animals defecate and urinate in terror. Their blood spills over the workers and onto the floor.


While these slaughterhouses are euphemistically called packing houses, they are crime scenes in which innocnt mammals and birds suffer greatly before their undeserved deaths. The federal government continues to subsidize the slaughter through the USDA, food stamps (rather than fruit and vegetable stamps) while those

who are vegetarian and vegan have longer lives, less disease, and less guilt over the suffering of voiceless

animal victims.

Swine (pig) flu, avian (bird) flu, smallpox (originally called cowpox) are some of the thousands of

diseases caused by the eating of dead animal and bird bodies.

Eating animals birds and fishes,  eggs and dairy products besides harming the creatures and

causing disease, is a factor in climate change, energy waste, pollution of the wtershed by the

animals' liquid and solid waste, their blood, etc. 

Many ethical systems counsel feeding the hungry. Cattle ranches turn 21 pounds of grain into only 1 pound of animal flesh. They are a factor in world hunger.

1000 ways the US subsidizes animal agriculture and slaughter

include subsidies to ranchers and factory farmers, USDA promotion of animal agriculture, food stamps, school lunches, and animal research.

Meat Research Center of the USDA



http://chicago.indymedia.org/node/84494  article by SS

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Capital City

The bright lights

City dwellers

The busy tube

And market sellers. 

London Eye

Big Ben

Encompassed in 

Their urban den.

Mayfair, Chelsea and

Oxford Street

The hum-drum

Of commuters' feet.  

Tourists flock

To see the sights

At Heathrow

From long-haul flights.

The winding Thames

The towering Shard

Buckingham Palace

And beefeater guards. 

City of London

Is the name

No other place

Can be the same.