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The Emptiness

Can the emptiness

eavesdrops to its own words

by its ears lucidly

in the darkness wrapping its room,

in the sound of beating its ear,

in the breathing in and out,

in the sight shimmering its eye,

in the taste arousing its tongue,

in the wrinkling its body by the winds ,

in the kissing bloom by the breeze and

in the leaf falling out of the tree?


Rhyming a moment the song of the morn

set just the morning sluggishly

in the greenery of the clear and clean forests

revealed the soaring pitch concealed in it.

May divulged it either

in the heat of thundering clouds or

in the frost of the freezing storms?


In the disease of alarming itself

by the severe wounds

bemused account at the spot

for a pretty long period

broadening and spanning

that never bringing to light in the eyes

may be already stolen by someone,

Yes ! It’s because the emptiness there. 



I think he left. Been looking for him for a while now.

As long as I can remember. I can't say I ever knew him.

Not sure what he looks like.

Not sure his age or business.

Hell, not sure if he's real or mythical.

Like the monsters our parents never found under our beds.

But they didn't look in the right place.

We can only perceive the physical form of "dark".

Under a bed where the nightmares hide.

In the closet, where at a young age something watched you falling asleep until blinded by the sun the next day.

The dark we can't physically perceive or even comprehend.

The colour black that lives in your head.

The monsters real hiding place.

They were wrong.

The parents.

There were monsters.

There still are.

Hiding, afraid of only the light.

And not the morning sunrise that relieved you at a young age.

You know the light I mean.

He's who I'm looking for.

I miss being 5.

Believing the monsters lived only in the dark of my bedroom while I slept.

They were never there.

They were in a darker place I was too young to understand.

They were in my head.

While I slept, and when I ate breakfast and went to school the mornings that followed.

Slowly eating my conscience.

Enjoying every bite.

Chewing slowly.

I know they're there now.

As I can feel the damage.

The non physical blackness in my head I can't see.

But he's there.

I hear people see you before they die.

Does that make you and dark the same thing?

Do I adopt the dark and see the light?

Or deny you both.


Where are you my friend.

I'll buy you a beer in hell.

John 8:54


John 8:54


I mean nothing.

Words mean things

But borne by my voice,

They are no more than void.


I hang by a spring steel string;

Alas if there was a ground!

Where are the so promised wings?

Darkness under the sunlight is the bound.


I despise, deceive innocents.

Bars of acid hold my purity.

In the shame of guilt I share

My inexistent respect for what I dare.


I have reached. There is nothing. No one.