dreams love unrequited love

What Happens in My Dreams...

Grabbing at the strands in my heart
Tying them together to form a thought
Twisting and turning the meaning
Trying to give you me

A melancholy note echoes in the dark
Calling to me, igniting a spark
An uncharacteristic want of art
A separation of my soul
Dividing me and taking it's toll

Sing to me the sweetest song
Or break me with a ballad that's strong
Adorn me with keys and caresses
Bring out the voice inside my head

Shifting these feelings inside
As the dark gives a symphony of respite
Orchestrating my need to give in
Being wooed and seduced to be wicked

But a tear streaks like a comet in eternity
Giving way to a path unknown to me
Watching these fates unfold
Touching them like frost on a winter morn

If I scream, surely I will break
But if I walk this tear stricken path-can I take it?
A step upon the white winter sand
Leaving rugged footprints at hand...

Bolting upright in the middle of the night
Breathing heavily as time ticks by
Realizing fate must be laughing
For it was just a dream-tormenting

As I sit there contemplating
My heart racing from the sedation
Are my dreams pointing and laughing?
Surely they cannot be jesting!

But as I watch the stars go by
Wanting to become the light
Hoping to one day be
What brings brilliance to your eyes

Closing myself to the misery
And picturing love
Willing myself not to cave
For love will find me someday...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just thinking back to that first unrequited love. That first heart pounding love at 16. Sweet memories :)

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