You left without saying goodbye

You left without saying goodbye…..

You slipped so silently by

I had not even noticed

Until it was too late


I reached for you

Desperately through my darkness

Only to find an empty place

Where you used to be


I looked for you crazed

And with urgency

Like a moth who seeks the light

But was only greeted

With frustration and blindness


I called to you

But my words were returned to me

Unheard as if never spoken


I ran to you

but I stumbled and fell,

Crashing with realization of my betrayal


Please come back to me……

Forgive me for forgetting who you were,

And all that you had given me


I took you for granted

And let another’s lies

Blind my judgment


Please return to the place in me

That aches with loneliness and confusion

I have awakened from my torturous nightmare

And long for your reassuring touch


Give me your strength

So I my rise to my feet

And stand once again with purpose


Fill me again with your light

And guide me towards the path of my salvation

And never again shall I forsake you


Please return to me soon

For I am nothing without


a ” SOUL”.

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