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I Left My Brain at Home

The world around me has never been colder.

I watch as the clouds cry frozen tears that chills my veins.


My parents wonder why I never tell them if there is a problem.

Was making them cry over my decision to

Choose one career over the other punishment enough?


I hold grudges deeper than the Mariana Trench to safeguard my heart.

But so can a witch who told time like one can prepare puttanesca.

She was the closest to a therapist that I ever had.


Four years on Pleasure Island kept me away from dry land.

I came back to reality when I embraced a chameleon.

He has led me back to sobriety since the summer days had waned.


I never wanted to be an entertainer because

They use make-believe to distract its audience.

I spoke to many of them who were prigs.


One wears religion like a suit of armor who

Finds an empty husk when she looks inside herself.

Another gripes about unachievable change

When he fails to finish his homework on time.

The third left me to my own devices three Julys ago.


They took a toll on my psyche and weakened my judgment.

It led my heart to trusting more and more Sisyphuses.

Their subterfuge was my ruin and Pleasure Island was no longer my home.


An ass's ears and tail were glued to my person when I escaped

To remind me of my foolishness and their chicanery.

Cinderella and her chameleon friend helped me cut them off with their blessed winds.


But the pain of their removal and the memories that came with them

Have yet to depart like dying leaves that blow in the wind.


I feel fortunate that my heart is safeguarded once again.

But only time will tell if I must cross over on my own terms.


My biggest regret that I have now

was my failure to discontinue the use of chirping robins

the day the witch that told time gave me a place to sleep.


It turns out that I left my brain at home before I came to see her.