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When did I stop living? When did I start taking up space?

Where loving you is no different than getting up to wash my face.

The TV’s off, a head stares right back at me on the black screen.

The features meld together but still look sad and cold and mean.

Some freeloader I became with empty hangers on a rack.

No more escaping in guilty freedom; the hangers stare right back.

Everyone’s older, they have their problems and somewhere to be.


I watch as friends lose interest in big plans, and wild dreams, and me. 

In The Zone



In The Zone

through the dark deranged portals you evoke fear
filled with angelic fervor on it's textual base
yet we dig much deep then ever before

cries in the dark will light the spark of what we need to know
still we stand idle as the average novice introduces its spell
along again then the sadness evokes a newer feeling
dwindling through the vain extraction of the never world

we visually see a flash then a new day approaches
on the lawn two lovers having passionate sex
the screams of vile extreme explodes throughout
perhaps this is the place where Nero tread

yet again I sit alone in my house now huddled in the corner
the twilight sun has tainted my inner vision
the howls of Satanic laughter gives a piercing shriek through
a candle was lit by the edge of my bed

One can remain lax in the quietness of the moment
yet again the setting of the sun
a new day has begun as we embark on the moment
Does death hurt you the most or is it fear

You can equate logic through a firm grasp of the hand
whispers again...
then a faint cry,
we construct living pyramids to honor the dead

A stroke of luck an the impulse ensues
onto so much more but for what
are we grasping for straws what are we searching for?
quietness again this time I'm in the zone

as if zombie creatures with viscous long fangs that bite
dripping blood off side we run away to hide
no one questions anymore no one has a voice
alone one last time yet feelings of grandeur awake

to the message of hope that spills from the sky
a challenge to be free is a question of time
eyes with spots digging holes in a pool of blood
Satan laughing again spreads his wings

Suddenly I awake but to what?

Begin The Begun



Begin The Begun

In the beginning of time
We sought out a rhyme that would make things begin to shine
Each of us has been given a real talent to discover
We all must look within deep inside
Love is a funny thing you know
We all must be willing to show
Teddy bears and a Easter smile
Chocolate's and the distant call of the wild
Summer dreams with rich tasting ice cream
Yet it's the begin the begun
A day out walking in the sun having fun
Way back when you were a little child
Making sand castles at the beach
Trying to catch that frisbee so out of reach
Soft kisses under the moonlight glow
A chance to show how much you really care
Life is made up with certain moments like these
Set your mind of for a sail
Knock you to your knees
Snap shot memories of your past
Having so much fun with a hope that it would last
For love has begin the begun

The salt air at the beach
Seagulls flock overhead
Voices in my head
Telling me to go to the fare
It was there i shed a tear to numb the inner pain
Not having her in my arms was driving me insane
Carmel apples, fritters & the smell of fry doe
Vendors cheering you on
The band was playing your favorite song
Take a chance at the raffle
Sledge hammer game is my favorite
Memories like these we want to savor it
Then onto the climax with fire works
A kiss on your boo boo cause you know it hurts
We were all created for certain times like this
Forget about your problems its quite all right to dismiss
Begin the begun is one drop in my bucket list



when we first met I knew you were taken,
and if i loved you it would be forsaken,
then one night many days later,
we went upstairs in that elevator,
to a room you asked me to share,
i had no idea how much i would care,
since that night we have been through so much,
but nothing else matters the moment I feel your touch,
your beautiful eyes look deep into my soul,
it makes me feel weak and i lose all control,
our hearts are together and your hand holding mine,
we will be together until the end of time.

Far From Home


Far From Home


Letters to you

Receiving a responce

Only to return too late