It’s been 18 days since the Parkland murders caused our nation, once again, to wince…

18 days ago 17 lives were ended…and what has happened since?


18 days after 17 students and teachers were shot dead in their high school’s halls and on its stairs

politicians still refuse to ban assault rifles…

but they do offer thoughts and prayers.


Some of the students who survived and had the courage to speak out

have been ridiculed in social media…their integrity put in doubt. 


In Florida, where this tragedy occurred, and here let me be precise…

the legislature has refused to ban assault rifles…refused…not once…but twice.


The NRA and some politicians sighting the 2nd amendment of our constitution

think putting more guns in more peoples hands is a viable solution.


Even our president thinks part of the answer (is he crazy…or just a fool?)

Thinks we should train teachers, who are willing, and let them carry guns in school. 


In short…nothing has been done to help this problem to our frustration and disdain….

Perhaps before we supply our teachers with guns…

it’s time to remember Dick and Jane.


Dick and Jane taught many of us how to read…in those little books we all adore

When Dick grew up, he took what he learned…

and opened a Sporting Goods Store.


And Jane grew up to be a teacher…

receiving awards and accolades.

She’s spent her lifetime molding the hearts and minds

of her students in third grade.


Dick and Jane see the carnage assault rifles can cause.

Dick’s and Jane’s feelings are intense.

Dick and Jane say when it comes to guns in America 

we should use some common sense.


Dick says ban assault rifles…they are for killing…not for fun.

Jane says close the loopholes in the gun laws and don’t sell to anyone under 21.


Dick says we need universal background checks.

Jane agrees gun buyers backgrounds we should trace.

Dick and Jane say anyone banned from purchasing a gun…

should be in a national data base. 


Dick and Jane know there’s no easy solution.

Dick and Jane know something must be done…

Dick and Jane know there are avenues we must try.

And Dick and Jane would never give a teacher a gun.


Dick and Jane don’t want to ban all guns

Just assault rifles no one needs…

Dick and Jane would like to see them banned

before the next school or movie theater, or restaurant, or place of business or concert venue, or any other setting bleeds.


Though frustrated Dick Jane are optimistic. 

and Dick and Jane know what they’re talking about.

Because when politicians refuse do what the majority wants

Dick and Jane know… 


It’s time to vote them out.

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