Destructive humanity

Nothing but users

Nothing but jumped up primates who have been in charge too long

Probably much better for the world, if we were dead and gone.

For too long us humans, have abused the world to satisfy our needs.

Plundered stripped the land and sea, the enlesss hunger it feeds.


To the world more often than not ,we have simply been a curse.

A species that wants and wants,never able to satisfy our thirst.

We are nothing but primates who got lucky,who dont know their place.

 We have inflicted such pain upon brother species,we are a destructive race. 


Should have stayed in the dark with things that crawl ,dont deserve the light.

A warrior race,looking for a fight, believing that might always makes right.


Stand up now and offer our appolgizes ,we must own up to the devastation.

Admit to our crimes against other species,our rampant global disimation.


The madness must stop TODAY,too many other species dead and gone.

For far too long, our thinking has been twisted and just plain wrong.


We need today to make a pledge, to no longer be the biggest abusers.

No longer can we just be parasites, feeding on others ,nothing but users.

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