desire and love.

Chasm of Trust

Traces of your tip left indelible marks of burning desire
The closeness of your breath raised puckered mounds reaching up
Your eyes desirous and fierce with the aggravation of the endless barriers
Your hand so close to my cheek magnetically drawing closer

The lost longing little boy look in those baby brown eyes pleaded for a second
Then you clenched your fist so tight I heard your knuckles crack 
Starting to shake frustrated in front of me then slapped it on the wall by my nape 
Your arms capturing me in your trap leaning over breathing each other in.
You move close, electrically close within a hair's width
so close we feel each other's charge in the minute chasm
brush lovingly past. your lips part wider. 

I lower my eyes breathless totally in your control,
you own the moment I'm held hostage by the want,
the need to affirm you in my soul through my flesh
I hang there jaw raised, eyes lowered waiting an eternity,
I've given up weak

Silently begging for the join that brings me peace
then I feel the charge recede 
I know something's gone
I ached for its missing the instant it was gone
Reconnecting again in the tips of dexterity, no you said.
I have loved so long to build this trust
Let us not defile this with an ordinary lust. 

As you left I knew.
As I stayed you knew.
This is not the end.

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