Dear Gods,


This plea goes out to all of you 

at the top of belief systems across all our lands.

We thank you for having the faith 

to put the fate of the world in our hands.


But after all this time you must be aware

I’m sure wherever you dwell it is known

that we humans haven’t done such a good job

down here 

on this Earth

on our own.


We could use a little help…

surely from wherever you are you have seen

the ways we mistreat our planet and one another…

and we ask you now…

please intervene.


Dear Gods it is time you get together 

before it is to late

and drive out the evils we’ve created in our world 

and extinguish all our hate.


Help us revitalize our planet 

help us live in peace not constantly at odds

help us be the people you created us to be…

Help us!

Please help us…


Dear Gods.

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