Jacobin Paranoia

Period Personages





warmth envelops

dissolving the

bustle and noise

liquid stillness

offers but a momentary

tranquil once upon a time

it is so easy to 

drift off and forget


here the watery balm

soothes celiac rashes

a moment's reprieve

that shuts out reality

provides sombre retreat

cares float away

until unwanted thoughts

stray with blistered report


it is quite possible

through bolted locks 

to lay victim

to home invasion

for someone to play

Corday to one's Marat

a hapless victim stabbed

at home in one's bath

Author's Notes/Comments: 

try getting on a bath with an overactive imagination.

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the big thaw



So many winter friendships

save but a few

thaw in the sparkle of spring


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free winter

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When your winter breaks into spring

think of new and wonderful things


while autumn creeps passed your window

break this winter free of sorrow


wait upon seasons - wait on life

live each day loving - escaping 


weave each day's new strands - engaging

one day looking back - mem'ries rife.






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live each moment



Here are words no longer spoken
of memories now faded and broken
hearted, but their onslaught remain
whose friendship and esteem contain.

After all these intervening years
this ever filling cup of hopes and fears
bring these straying thoughts to bay
while days accrue and debtors pay.

Now being none the wiser, although
some things may ail a father, bestow
a gift no king's horses or men could offer
today shall likewise slip into forever.

Dear child, your heart is ever learning
more and more each day, you're turning
more like the self that you imagine
through this world's raucous din.











Author's Notes/Comments: 

warning: rhymes afoot. 

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to breathe again

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people are our real legacy;
one day sure, entire poems
shall have been forgotten,

while remains a phrase or
a feeling drawn from wells
deeper than memory can

reach, or device can retrieve
much like thread-diving as
we scamper for posts buried

by traffic and flood posters…
follow, subscribe, or friend
buttons can only do so much

so we hang on to what we
have and hold dear, today
saving each precious moment

if bookmarked sentiments
are promises all will be well
we’ll boldly breathe again





Author's Notes/Comments: 

With all the internet surfers and all the data swirling around the worldwide web, even the empowered voices of everyman-person can be washed like sea scum on the shores of the shores of social media.

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