#Covid-19 politics

Politics of Pandemic

the doors to uncertainty

have opened


they say we are about to lift the restrictions

lockdown no more

the economy needs to ignite

who cares if some crash and burn

life that limped for weeks

will now sprint back to normal


we played the guinea pigs

on a hamster wheel

round and round

round and round

social distancing

weeks of isolating

queueing for essentials

the desperation of unemployment

the meagre income of the furloughed


while in the background

preparations continued in full swing


they were buying time

building more space

commissioning more beds,

makeshift facilities in

studios, halls and convention centres


hospitals capacity doubled

as scared patients stayed away

millions spent

millions invested

in hardware

not in human resources


the nemesis has mutated

the second wave


they are ready


pawns on a chess board

the knight’s gambit


your move

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Worried about the second wave and the way things are being handled.

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