concrete crusher machine

The Concrete Crusher Machine Working Principle


The degree of ore hair removal

The degree of hair removal of the ore directly affects the efficiency of the concrete crusher machine. Since the ore can be easily crushed along the cleavage plane in the crushing process, the productivity of the crusher is correspondingly higher than that of the compacted ore.

2. Inlet and discharge granularity

The ingress and egress granularity is used to determine the type and crushing level of the required crushing equipment. If the content of coarse particles (greater than the size of the discharge port) in the crushed material is higher or the ratio of the maximum block to the ore width is larger, the crusher needs to achieve the ideal crushing ratio.

When the content of the fine material is large or the ratio of the maximum mass of the ore to the ore width is small, the crushing ratio should be small, there the productivity will be correspondingly increased. If the feed particle size is large and the discharge particle size is small, secondary crushing or multi-stage crushing is often required. 

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