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Noir Bon


Hotel where you were found,

was a motel that was bought

and a highway that seen

Somehow someone 

 even happy

The hotel, boyfriend

of my life, the words that got me

you said that is a waste,


Ana Na Na Na

Say my no was

a place was a 

person, a female

was born to wear a red

time again and again

and cremate herself to

the mammi of the Gladitator

Rome is a place where my special

coin in the fountain were not 

touched they be the man who was

his father, or his grandfather or his

great father, grande life!!! What!!!


Miliaan is a fasioniszta place of viva

la la al, e bon, kilimin, my Italia

ee, opera, and gratis, lire, moody

was a dolce vita, and lira was

investment only?


Mama, mia, Mama Mia, Mama Mia

a musical Regazi, vino, rosse

a Al Shabazz Hajji Malik

a noir Islam, Regazi, Ragazo

Bianca, vino, e ross, a 

Perfume in Napoli

Terminale, Ragaza,

mama noir tailor

a Versace

Mariyln Monroe

only look at me 

in the room

no one else

point is mama mia

is that I need the dress

noir mi amori

Dolce, Barbebcue, 

lira, too much, lire

Roberta, mi mama

mama, mia, Noir



Florence, Nightengal

mia mami, Latijn

Noir, Alexander

Cleopatra, Noir



Yemen mia mama

mama Fatima, Lourdes

Noir Noir

Lourdes, Theresa

Santress lire lire

Dolce Vita Hollywood

Film American Movies

one perception Victory

America, the West

Le Fini

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mi mama, mi mama: Italiana, Asma, fatima, Abud ) Professore ( Italian) Universitum. Italy. Roma. Venice: Casa De Italia. Asma, Fatima: mama, papa. Somalia, Mogadishu!!! Amori, femme, fem! Dontella? Parliament Italia?:?? ( 2/11/2020)?: Julian/Gregorian calender???. Parliament Zuud, Noord Italia???. Sicilia. Russ? Pompeo?. Volcano. Hotel Napoli Terminale?. Versace: Card: ( "Above Average"?! Titnus? Psychitimi? ( Ragazi, mama, vino Eritera Restaurent, Fabrica ( Somalia, Mogadishu)??????? (1) Mama Somalia Fabrica??. Hodan Shoe Factory???. Xoosh?: ( Casa Xoosh: Hotel Xoosh)?. Asma and Fatima?: Venice?: Grande Mama, Papa, Grande Papa??. Familia Italia?. Italy. Italia?. Lire? Euro?> poem>: Copy righted.>"Fair Use" please see: or and ( macafecapawedmexico)???? Borderline.? ( Madonna).?? Good Bye.