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God's Gift

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On one peaceful night,

So very long ago.

A star shone brightly, in the sky,

Guiding the way to go.



It led the way for Wise Men,

Bearing gifts, they would present.

They traveled through the darkness,

To see the Child, that Heaven had sent.



Lying there, in a manger,

His Mother at His side,

Was the Newborn, King of Kings,

That angels foretold, would arrive.



There was a peace about Him,

With gentleness, upon His face.

All those who looked, upon the Child,

Felt, the Good Lord's Awesome Grace.



Even the stoic, stable animals,

Seemed as though, in awe.

They sensed a miracle, had happened,

In the birth of the Child, they saw.



All who came, to see the Babe,

Fell upon their knees, and prayed.

Praising God, for such a Gift,

Who there, in the manger, laid.



The Child was born, for all mankind,

Sent to us, from Heaven above.

To walk the earth, spreading His Word,

His Grace, His Peace...His Love.