Break up longing lost love

The Kitchen


In the kitchen where

we used to



you played the songs that

changed my



It wasn’t reckless happenstance

It was our time

you played your part.


I played mine too

but now you’re


And I’m left here to

Rattle on.


My heart still holds onto the tunes,

The afternoons,

the coffee spoons,


In the Kitchen where

We used to



You played the songs that

Got me through.


Though it may not

seem so at first



I pray I’ve done the same

for You.


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The Days, Just The Best Are Yours

I think of days
just the best are yours
and when in the emptiness
of the nights without
the heart wants
Cannot, forget
when I think of your face
an ache feeds my pain
amazing, Green eyes twice
and three shades
your smile, never fading
remains, constant,
two shades,.. maybe,
I think, of the lies
and truths, mine hurt
light hits me,
a realization, and shame
on me, on the the way,
things are wronged
the fights,
right or half wrong...
the way her name
and the hurt
and what remains
is like a scar on the soul
I cant deny how she creates
an aching need
there is no control
i try, i do, i lose
I tried it all
maybe inside
i dont want to forget you.
The days,
And just the best were yours.

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