Get Your Coat

A View From My Bay






It's packing day, get your coats, you can no longer stay.


All you negative guys must be on your way.




You bring nothing to my life that is sustaining in any way.


You drain the blood that feeds my way.


Suck the life out of all that is right.




I do not care where you go, but get your coat, the idea of you staying here is a resounding no.




I get that you think you are all that, but we both know it is an illusion, and you are full of crap.


So please get your coat before I lose all hope.




Your negative ways tend to cancel out my positive praise.


Your infectious frown stands as a pending plague upon the blessing of which I am bound.




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2016 - ours to do


Hate a little less

Love a little more

See the world

Come and bounce

at our door

Mock a little less

Praise a little more

Success and fame


never leave

our shores!

Doubt a little less

Trust a little more

Kindness abound,

compassion ensured!

Scold a little less

Pardon a little more

Comfort each other

Touched heart

to the core.

Say a little less

Hear a little more

Let wisdom settle,

the intellect soared!

Take a little walk

down the memory lane

Nostalgic past

cherish without  disdain!

Conflicts resolve

Peace negotiate.

Light a little lamp

Love, trust and hope rekindle

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. - Joyce Meyer)

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