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This is my story

I sit there 

Listening to it all again

How many times will he call me fat?

What difference does it even make?


I never was

He just said it all the time

And made me believe it was true

This is my story.


I was actually slim 

But the abuse just never stopped

It started to become true

This is my story.


Now all I hear from my dad is 'fat ass'

But it was my brother who started it all

I say 'you don't think how your words affect people'

But he just laughs it off


Noone understands

At least I don't think they do

But many people suffer

Not the way that I do


I begin to feel sad 

Realising other have it worse

And mine doesn't really matter


People are taking their lives

But I contemplate whether I should


I know I shouldn't....

But these questions fill my mind:

What if it doesn't work?

What if it gets worse?

That will start some chatter.


This is truth of how I really feel

And sometimes it is so much more

This is my story and it is true

I feel like I'm fighting in a war.


This battle is with myself

I shouldn't care what others say

But I do and I've really tried to change

I care about what I weigh


This is my story.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

We're all battling something. We all have a story. What's yours?

The Anatomy of Hate

People suck,

Parents suck,

Work sucks,

Unemployment sucks,

Dating Sucks,

The Entertainment Sucks,

Food Sucks,

Our President Sucks,

America Sucks,

Women Suck

Kids Suck,

Teenagers and Juvenile deliquents suck,

College sucks,

Bills Suck,

Gay People suck,

Transgenders suck,

Politicians suck,

Rednecks suck,

Adulhood sucks,

Life Sucks!!!!!!

Everything Fucking Sucks!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate everybody and everything. My wrath is infinite. 

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Selfie Culture

I have become lost in my own mediocrity. 


Talent on my left, beauty on my right, pressing in from both sides; squeezing me into a place of nonexistence. 


I have just enough to get by, yet my own lack of uniqueness is staggering. Telling myself I have no need for recognition or greatness, yet fighting the feeling of being swallowed up in a sea of people better than I. Tidal pools of skill; coves of flawless beauty. I think I’ve become marooned by my own self loathing and insecurity.

Despising how utterly ‘okay’ I am, I strive to set myself apart again and again, yet spiral down and crash to the ground...subdued and ready to accept that I am truly unremarkable in every way.