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Controlled by lies

your whole life is your



Born in a disguise 

blending in your camouflage 


Hating what is right

you are a blight


A stumbling block

for man you cause others to sin for your sake


Silent dagger from the heart of



Slithering from the shadows

to tempt the woman into betrayal


 You know no peace for 

you take the peace from others


Robbing them of their privacy 

raping their dignity

Provoking man to wrath 

reaping what you sow 



 No one mourns for you;

they spit on your grave 


Finally rid of the plague;

out of its misery the dog

cannot chase it's shadow any 



Death comes a knocking 

to claim your soul 

forever in bondage to the flames 

of torment 


The wicked is annihilated 


You cannot escape the Hate;

your fate was sealed when you 

sold your brother as a slave 

betraying him to the dogs


The Judas of mankind 

you would slander your brother in secret 

while profiting off his despair 


Money is all you care about 

and like money 

you are dirty


Handled by many 

trying to control the lives of those you do not know


Bad Apple,

rotten soul


Theres nowhere else for you to go

but hell







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They come in droves 

from their caves


The bats


Flying into the light

that has blinded them 


Blood they require 

to sustain their hate


And when you eat their flesh

you are infected


A rodent

it lives to be trapped


From the black it comes 

and to black it returns


To never


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Don’t Play With Fire

It wants to take 

your soul.


It wants to siphon

your ghost.


Your running out

of time.


Now make up your



Which way will you



Dont let them cast the spell 

and send you to hell


They are out for your blood.

Give them none.


No one can win when you 

play with sin.


The devil provides no

salvation, only Eternal damnation 


You can't win this game

without Jesus Christ 


You can't survive 

You can't win 


You need god as

your friend 


Can't continue to play ball,

this game needs an end 




No Rest

For some souls


There is no end to 

their plight 


Everyday is night


There is no sunshine

only rain 


No peace,

no rest

no love 

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I'm harassed

over and over again


People don't love



What I know is hate


I try not to give in to the negativity 


But I can't escape the feeling 


I try to overcome


But they keep provoking me


My wrath is real


I can't deny the hate 


Its a battle every day


I hate


I try to overcome 


But people keep making me  fucking angry;

Piece of shit parasites 


I wish you all would fucking die 


I try to turn the other cheek


But I'm tortured over and over again 


To the point of insanity 



My anger never ceases



because I'm always angry 








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For me its doom

and gloom


For me its

fire not water


For me its Death Metal

not pop music


For me its hate

not love


For me its chaos

not peace


For me its suffering

not happiness


For me its frowns

not smiles


For me its emotion

not logic


For me its night

not day


For me its torture

not fun


For me its terrible

For me its a curse

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Urn of Souls

Sitting on this throne 

of blood


No escape from my



I decide to rip 

you apart 


Collecting your

soul for my pleasure 


Into my urn,

your ashes


The scraps of your existence

after devoring your patheticness


Scattering them in the sea of my scorn,

You my slave 


Rebirthing you in a hunch back of a body

to do my deeds of evil 



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Consuming the Soul

The relentless beast

consuming the soul


Drawing the blood

out of the flesh


Stealing away the will,

obscuring the spirit


In quicksand, slowly

drowing, trying to escape


But eventually buried,

suffocated by time. 

Demons of Darkness

She stood on the bridge 
In silence and fear
For the demons of darkness
Had driven her here

They cut her heart 
Right out of her chest
Making her believe 
That the demons knew best 

They were always there
Sometimes just out of sight
Waiting in the background 
Till the time was right 

These demons were destructive 
Knocking down the life she knew 
Hating everything about her
She hated herself too

These demons can't be seen
But they're far from fairy tales 
They live inside your mind 
Their evilness prevails 

So on the bridge, she stood
About to end the fight
Then she stopped and thought
I'll fight them one more night