Is there an artist inside each of us?   Of this I have no doubt.

It’s just a matter of reaching down… and pulling that artist out….


“Mom…I have something to show you!” Christi said.

Her mom came right away

Christi handed her a piece of paper…”Look what I drew today!”


“Mrs. Smith said draw what we want so I drew a polar bear.”

Her mom intently studied the drawing…scanning it with care.


“Oh, Christi” Her mom said smiling. “I didn’t know how talented you were.

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a bear more beautiful than her.”


“Why she’s not just standing still…you have her moving too.

I love the way you’ve drawn her legs.

and how’d you make the water look so blue?”


“I’ve heard polar bears can be mean but you’ve made yours look nice.

and look how you used little bits of paper and made it look like ice!”


“I love the emotion in her face…why she looks hungry too

and look in the corner you signed you name just like artists do!!


“I can’t believe how beautiful this is…and you were its creator.”

and that picture found a cherished spot on their refrigerator.


Years went by…Christi grew up into a woman proud and tall

and visiting Mom one day she saw her picture framed upon the wall.


It immediately brought back a memory and with it a few tears

“Mom.” she said, “I can’t believe you’ve kept this all these years.”


“Of course I’ve kept it.” Mom smiled “Because I have no doubt…

the day you drew that polar bear


Is the day your artist first came out.”

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